For nearly two decades, the Ada programming language has been a cornerstone of efforts by the Department of Defense (DOD) to improve its software 

Please report bugs both to the mailing list and to the Emacs bug list or Emacs debbugs. Put Package: emacs, ada-mode as the first line of the bug message. tonyg wrote on comp.lang.ada: >> Looking at the gnat sercom package it has a total lack of options for >> flow control. I am going to look at posix packages now and its options >> with serial interfaces. Does anyone know if Adacore are planning to >> add some more functionality to this package?

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(Such questions are best sent to the comp.lang.ada newsgroup.)  thnk u testimoninya-beli-!topic/comp.lang.ada/ 56dJf3cBm2Q  Ada is an advanced, modern programming language, designed and This file is posted monthly to comp.lang.ada, comp.answers, and news.answers. https://groups.  Many sites do not carry some or all of the comp.binaries groups. There are groups *comp.lang.ada info-. ucf1vm.bitnet *comp.lang.pascal info- pas. Ada i Danmark er en forening for professionelle og privatpersoner for fremme af programmeringssprogene Ada og SPARK i Google Groups dk.comp.lang.ada. PROCESS GUIDE CLEANROOM SOFTWARE PROCESS CASE STUDY COMP.LANG.Ada CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK FOR REUSE PROCESSES ( CFRP) https://groups.

comp.lang.ada; compiler confusion, overloading and "subtype mark required in this context" February 7 th 2021 at 09:15


Keywords: Ada, comp.lang.ada   comp.lang.ada help / color / mirror / Atom feed · Alternative for Gnat Studio 2021- 03-03 3:31 UTC (24+ messages) - mbox.gz / Atom ` rr (was: Re: Alternative for  Here are some sites that are useful for learning gnat and the Ada language: Ada Quick Notes comp.lang.ada from Google - Ada questions and answers  Subject: FINAL CfP Ada-Europe 2017, Sun. 22 Jan submission deadline. Newsgroups: comp.lang.ada, fr.comp.lang.ada, comp.lang.misc. FINAL Call for Papers.


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Named in honor of Countess Augusta Ada Lovelace, Ada is a high level programming language designed to support the construction of long-lived, highly reliable software systems. 10/10/2018 I'm currently looking for a PL to experiment building a security-focused exokernel and would immensely appreciate insight on the following. To preface, I originally had settled on learning and using Ada/SPARK for my project until recently when I happened upon an OS research paper concerning ATS(2).. Both (and yes, I'm bundling Ada and SPARK but only because of their affinity) appear to aim for comp.lang.ada archive at Go here if you need help with anything. If you can't find the answer in the archives just post your question and someone will likely help you. You can even post directly from google.


Well that project is finally out in the open and it’s called xlang: a cross-language, cross-compiler, and cross-platform generalization of WinRT. The Noddy Guide to using ADA code with Visual Basic . To judge from postings in the comp.lang.ada newsgroup, this might be an FAQ: You have some code that you don't want to rewrite which is written in ADA. comp.lang.ada. 4 Replies 1154 Views Permalink to this page Disable enhanced parsing.

Dear Members of the Ada Community: On Thursday, 30 October 2008, the 2008. SIGAda Awards will be presented in a. 11312 tcl 19784 smalltalk 485 cobol 14 1294 ada 1532 idl-pvwave 2480 forth cut -b 16- 2008-03| grep '^comp.lang'| awk '{printf("%8d %s\n",$2,$1)}'| sed  Comp.lang.functional is an unmoderated usenet newsgroup for the code looks similar to Pascal, Modula, or Ada, with modern constructs and long identifiers. The Ada source modules for Portable Diners were posted to an Internet newsgroup (comp.lang.ada), then copied from the network by Ada users around the  21 Dec 2018 Version: 2018, Gentoo Linux. I was told on Ada group (comp.lang.ada?) that this was a problem in 2016 version which was supposed to


I was told on Ada group (comp.lang.ada?) that this was a problem in 2016 version which was supposed to Home A good article about Ada in the context of low-level programming: Ada on any ARM Cortex-M device, in just a couple minutes. Usenet Archives. COMP.LANG.ADA. Discussion about Ada*.

61 likes · 3 talking about this. Мы публикуем русскоязычные материалы по Ada Home: Ada-related resources on the Internet, for those who need or want to learn, use, teach, and/or spread Ada. There's a good Usenet newsgroup devoted to discussions about Ada: comp.lang.ada. Personally, I prefer to read the Usenet with a newsreader (technically Microsoft is introducing the Windows Virtual Desktop, and ushering in the end of the traditional PC desktop operating system. The type Handle is an opaque pointer to the real implementation, that is not defined in the specification.

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Newsgroup comp.lang.ada, 11.6k threads, 104k posts, ranked #725. Please read before posting.